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This is Mike’s wine blog, a blog covering topics about all things wine and wine related, it is For The Love of Wine! The topics covered on this site are limitless and all are welcome to contribute in a helpful and supportive fashion, the more we can all learn from each other the better! Some topics of interest to me include: French wines, Italian wines, Spanish wines, American wines, Portuguese wines, wine storage, wine cellar management, wine accessories, wine meal pairings and of course wine reviews. These are just a few and I welcome other topics related to the field. Wine can be an intimidating topic and there are people of all levels who can act as resources for each other to learn, grow and become more confident to discuss wine in all of it’s glory.

I have grown up with Italian Canadian roots and need less to say, wine has always been an important part of life and family, it is the catalyst that brings us all together, well that and of course Nona’s lasagna! Wine is complex, delicious and can even be considered works of art. Wine and all of it’s related topics have fascinated me and I hope that this can be a median to bring together others with the same affiliation. I have been collecting wine for over a year and am completely hooked on the thrill of the hunt, finding great wines to lay down to enjoy with family for years to come over great meals excites me. Wine symbolizes family fun and promotes creativity, it is a part of some of the greatest times we have together, from the making of homemade tomato sauce, to salami’s, to sausages and prosciutto! Least of all let’s not forget a toast to a Lazio victory in Serie A on a glorious Sunday afternoon! Forza Biancocelesti!

Please join in and enjoy! Alla salute!


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