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Welcome to the Wine Analysis Club!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. It is my hope that this blog will be a suitable resource for those who enjoy wine. Topics will include, and are most certainly not limited to: wine reviews, analysis of wine types, regions and grapes, meal pairings, wine futures, wine storage including cabinets and refrigeration. As an individual that has been collection wine for over a year (and drinking it for a lot longer than that!), I have been able to amass a considerable amount of knowledge of all things wine! Some of the wine types of great interest to me include French Bordeaux’s and Italian Barolo’s and Chianti’s, there is of course no limit to discussion on any wine types and countries of origin, the more we can help and share with each other the better! Wine has become fascinating to me because a great bottle is truly art. More importantly, wine serves as a median to bring together family and friends to the table sharing and pairing amazing meals purposely created to match the flavors and aromas of a great wine. Please share and enjoy!

Alla Salute!

2 thoughts to “Welcome to the Wine Analysis Club!”

  1. Alla Salute e Buenaventura! in this project Michael. I’m all excited about this subject and for the good moments it will bring to our table.

    1. Thank you Madeleine for your strong words of encouragement, you are a great friend! Our next encounter together with our families will be even more fun than the last! Buona Notte Signora!

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