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Duorum Reserva 2009

The 2009 Duorum is a fantastic example of what the Portuguese are capable of, this truly is an excellent wine. Hailing from the Duoro region in Portugal known more for fortified wines but now also producing in great abundance high quality table wines. This red blended wine is made from several red port grape varieties, the precise blend of which is unknown, one sip and that will matter very little! This Duorum has a rich deep red color and is well balanced to the palate with an intense finish, tones of violet ripe black fruits and cassis are evident. Enjoy with a selection of hard cheeses and your finest charcuterie of cured meats! One can only wonder what more time in the cellar will give this lovely wine. If you have the patience lay this bottle down for at least 3 more years, this wine should age gracefully for another decade and be at its most palatable in 2024. Serve from your wine fridge with a slight chill! WS scores this wine 92. I came home from work one night last week to the smell of our family’s homemade tomato sauce, this sauce served over a bed of pennette rigate pasta was the perfect meal for this wine! Portuguese wine? Yes we can! All Salute!



Duorum Reserva 2009

Origin: Duoro, Portugal

Sweetness: XD – Extra Dry

Style: Full Bodied

Grape Variety: Red Blend

Size: 750ml bottle

Alcohol: 14%

Price: $34-$54

2 thoughts to “Duorum Reserva 2009”

  1. I think Portugal is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. It’s a wonderful country to visit and a real culinary treasure. And you’re right: their fortified wines, starting with the magnificent Porto (Port), have their well deserved fame, but there’s much more to discover there. We love Vinho Verde and Albarinho in hot climate and/or fish and seafood, but also earthy and light Alentejo (lovely, rustic wines that remind us the joyful honesty of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo or Nero d’Avola that you surely know very well) and specially many Douro wines, which are elegant and powerful like some Piemonte egregious labels.
    The Douro river slopes are one of the world’s more privileged wine landscapes, since Roman times. The wines that mix into Porto bottles come from there. We went to the city of Vila Nova da Gaia, in front of Porto, when the Douro enters the Atlantic Ocean, and we had there an unforgettable foggy morning trying Porto at Sandeman’s cellars. From that city (almost completely dedicated to wine making and export) depart cruise boats that go up the river to visit, during several days, the vineyards of Douro.
    Another detail about Douro: it’s the same river that’s called Duero in Spain, where it give birth also to wonderful wines, the Ribera del Duero DOC.

    1. Rafael, you have travelled to some beautiful places, my hope is to one day do the same with my beautiful wife! I agree with you 100% that Portugal is one of Europe’s treasures with exceptional wines and culinary delights! I am happy that my Duorum review has reminded you of your travels throughout Europe. Your final comment on the Duoro, or Duero in Spain, has already prompted to develop an overview of Spanish wines, they are beautiful and worthy of great discussion! Thank you for your valued comments and insights!

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