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Valle Andino Reserva Especial Syrah 2012

So much of our time has been spent reviewing wines across the continent of Europe as well as the United States. South American wines have not been a consistent topic and this wine is one that forces this post. The Valle Andino Reserva Syrah 2012 from Chile is really a fantastic wine and gives exceptional value to any consumer looking for a great bottle for any occasion. The Valle Andino Syrah is an extra dry red from the Rapel Valley in Chile, it comes in at 14.5% alcohol and is a Shiraz/Syrah grape varietal blend. At a price of approximately $15 per bottle this red wine will impress your guests with even the most refined of pallets. The color of the Valle Andino Syrah is deep purple, luscious ripe black fruits prevail with smoke and incense, making the finish well balanced and sweet, with adequate length. Now is the time to drink the Valle Andino, it is more than approachable and does not require any additional holding time. The Valle Andino Syrah is best paired with grilled red meat, grilled chorizo sausages, even try with barbequed lamb skewers or pork loins. We opened ours with great friends and paired it with an amazing home cooked fideua with noodles, squid, shrimp, scallops, clams and octopus, and the Valle paired beautifully, it is very versatile (recipe link below). This wine was rated a 90 score by The Valle Andino Reserva Especial Syrah 2012 typifies the reputation that Chile is earning by providing the world with premium Syrah’s at a more than affordable price, a true gem and worth stocking up on.  Alla Salute!

fideua 02


Valle Andino Reserva Especial Syrah 2012

Origin: Rapel Valley, Chile

Sweetness: XD – Extra Dry

Style: Full Bodied

Grape Shiraz/Syrah Blend

Size: 750ml bottle

Alcohol: 14.5%

Price: $13-$17

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