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March Vintages Arrivals

March Vintage Selection
March Vintage Selection


The order was placed and with great anticipation I awaited the arrival of this months special vintages releases. It was hard to decide what to add to the collection based on the vast list of beautiful wines to select from. New and sought after releases from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South America and the United States presented themselves making the decision difficult. Perusing through the selections is part of the process that is most enjoyable for me, the thrill of the hunt as they say. To me, making wine selections has become a past time that allows me to disengage from the stresses of daily life, it has become a most welcomed hobby. Adding to that value, the wines that are being purchased are consumed and enjoyed with friends and family members on momentous occasions that hopefully all will remember. Ultimately, this month’s selections were made based on some of the variables previously mentioned in past posts; price, score and longevity of the wine. I have listed them here in order to provide some examples of what I believe are wines that will age gracefully for years to come and will not break the bank. Below are some of the selections purchased from the March vintages release that I view as good value wines that are welcome to any collection. I have included a small description of each bottle as I believe the tasting notes are an important indicator as to a wines potential and should be used as a variable in making your selections, they should not be made solely on score.

March Selections

Alla Salute!

Resta Salice Salentino 2011

The 2011 Resta Salice Salentino is astonishing example of what a Negroamaro blend is capable of, 80% of this beautiful wine is comprised of the Negroamaro grape, the other 20% is Malvasia Nero. Hailing from Puglia, Italy, the 2011 Resta Salice delivers a robust flavor and deep color, prune and blackberry prevail on the palate. The Resta Salice is an extra dry wine and comes in at 13.5% alcohol, it is a classic and rustic Italian Italian red wine that is easy to drink and is ready for your tasting pleasure now. The most suitable pairings for the 2011 Resta Salice include grilled and roasted red meats, homemade pizzas and arrabbiatta pasta dishes. We paired ours with tortellini in brood topped with a small spoon of our homemade hot sauce and the Resta Salice Salentino delivered admirably! Coming in at a price of $15.95, this bottle delivers exceptional value and is a staple for any occasion. Alla Salute!

Salice Salentino
2011 Resta Salice Salentino



Resta Salice Salentino 2011

Origin: Puglia, Italy

Sweetness: XD – Extra Dry

Style: Medium-Full Bodied, Fruity

Grape Variety: Negroamaro Blend

Size: 750ml bottle

Alcohol: 13.5%

Price: $13-$18